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What do games need?

What is a game?

“Game – an amusement or pastime” says So basically a game can be everything. Checking under your bed might be a pastime, so game developers have no boundaries, or do they? Why are most of the top-selling games so similar? “Here’s a gun, take it, kill some enemies, don’t worry if you die, we save your damn game every 5 seconds” is a typical game scenario, the only thing that changes are the visuals. And people buy these games. Most of them aren’t fun at all, quite serious to be honest. It’s understandable, it’s hard to make a fun game. Actually “hard” in most of the games has lost its meaning. They just don’t do anything the hard way anymore. The games have many bugs in them so no hard work done, the games aren’t very hard to complete compared to the older ones, the story is usually really simple and predictable if it exists at all. It seems like they have hit a wall in their imaginations, they don’t have to be so similar. In fact nothing really new hasn’t been introduced in years.


Do games need a good story? In my opinion, if game is made and it’s not a fun family game, it really needs a good story. It needs to get you thinking what happens next, when you’re going to bed at night, you’re dreaming of the game, you have to feel like you are part of the game. I can’t name a fun game that’s fun to play alone, you always need friends or family beside you to enjoy the game fully. I haven’t seen a comedy game for a while, a game that makes you laugh – haven’t really heard of them at all any lately.

Hardcore gaming

Hardcore gamers?

When talking about hardcore gaming, then what really is it? Playing a game day and night, basically doing the same thing over and over? My imagination is – every time you play a game you have to think hard, you have to feel like you’re doing something, it has to feel new every time you play the game. If you say: ” Oh I’m so tired, I can’t play anymore”, it shouldn’t be because you haven’t slept for a while, it should be because your brain is tired of thinking, thinking how to develop, how to make progress.

These are my thoughts on what do games need.

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