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L.A. Noire is back with another trailer and has a release date!

UPDATE: The video has been taken down, because it wasn’t supposed to be released yet. Too bad, lets wait for the official release of the trailer. PS! I try to put another link which hasn’t been taken down yet;)

Here it is! In-game footage. Looks like it has a really deep and impressive story. Damn, I like unique games! What do you think of the game? The game is coming out on May 17 on Xbox360 and PS3.


“It’s pointless” “Turn the volume down” “Do something useful”

It might not be!

These phrases are the most common things I hear from my parents or adults while I game. I usually just turn the volume down if they ask me to do that, but I can’t agree with them when they say it’s pointless.

About 50 MILLION Xbox 360 consoles have been sold worldwide. So, about 1% of humanity owns an Xbox 360. That’s not much, but can you make 1% of the world buy a pointless device which isn’t even cheap? I think not. Are people that stupid that they spend their time and money by playing pointless games on that pointless device? You can’t say “pointless” or “useless” about things you haven’t even tried yourself.

Many people say that games are confusing and therefore they have no point and are useless. Hmm… Let me think. A movie was released last year which was very popular because it was confusing…..What was it? Oh right, INCEPTION. People loved it, it wasn’t even that good in my opinion, but people were going crazy. People went to the cinemas, paid for their tickets and that’s why they had to watch the whole movie from the beginning till the end. The same thing is with some games, you just need to follow the storyline, think about it, watch the ending before you make a conclusion, and at some point you realize – “I really liked it”.

Okay, I keep saying that games are not pointless. Let me tell you my 3 main points why I think games are not pointless:

1) You learn something. Every game tries to tell us a story. Many of them are based on real things and even historical events or persons. Thanks to the Civilization series I knew Otto von Bismarck way before others my aged knew. While playing games you remember things more faster.

2) Different periods of time. You also get to know different customs and how things were in the past. In Mafia 2 they show us a pretty good picture of America in the 1940s and 50s. A lot of games are based on WWI and WWII. Also we get to know the medieval times. Or maybe what will future bring us. Games make it possible to relive these periods.

3) Reflexes, thinking and consequences. The point is, we train our reflexes by playing for example ANY FPS game. Games make us think. There is even a genre for games that need thinking – puzzle games. And don’t think that other games need no thinking. Oh yes they do. You constantly need to think. Many of us think that games show us that killing people or driving your car straight to the wall are okay and by doing so you have to face no consequences. WRONG. You know that your wreck your car and might get seriously injured when you make a car accident. Killing people is wrong and games don’t make us kill other people. If kids really think that it’s okay, then their parents should have a serious chat with them.

So think before you say games are pointless. Try them yourself. Play a game from start to finish. Prejudice sucks and it has no place in gaming world. What would have happened if everybody thought that Red Dead Redemption was just a boring game where you ride horses and shoot people. And believe me, I know some people who thought just like that.

That’s it!

Dead Space 2 – story trailer

Dead Space 2 is a sequel to Dead Space. It’s a horror third-person shooter game. According to, it is set to release on January 25, 2011. This trailer tries to explain the story:

My game – story part 1

I decided to start writing my own story. I made no decisions what it will be about. I just opened Word and started writing. So here is the first part of my story.


Scene 1

Characters : Teddy, Pete, Les
Three men are sitting in comfortable looking chairs. The only source of light comes out of a fireplace which is in front of them. The room looks unfurnished, only things in there are those three chairs, a fireplace and a small table which has an opened envelope on it. The first guy, who looks like he has eaten too much candy in his early days, touches his bald head and says nervously:

TEDDY: “You fucked up, you fucked up badly, Tommy’s never coming back. I should’ve…“

He was interrupted by a second guy, who is a lot thinner, a little bit older looking, but still in his thirties, who says:

PETE: “Teddy, you can’t be sure of that. Who wrote us this letter? We don’t know if this is true or not, right now we have to stay low. “

Teddy yelled back at him:

TEDDY: „We have to stay low? This is your fault, Pete, Tommy believed in you, you made him go. You and your stupid ideas which lead to nothing, Tommy is dead you know? DEAD! “

Pete answered calmly:

PETE: “How can you be so sure of that? Besides, I’m the reason why you guys are both alive, I made us rich, I gave you a reason to live.“

The third guy, who looks a little bit younger than Teddy, is a handsome looking and the most serious of them three. He said in a very clear voice:

LES: “Guys, the things you’re talking about make no difference, what I’m most concerned about is how the hell did they know where we were, how did they know where to send this letter, our last hideout was in a perfect spot, a lot better than this one.“

He knew that one of them gave their hideout location away, but who? Teddy answered quickly:

TEDDY: “Les, are you stupid or what? I’m sure they saw Pete smoking outside, he goes there like in every god damn five minutes. “

Pete smiled and said:

PETE: “Which reminds me, I have to go outside for a smoke, I’ll be right back.“

Pete walks out of the room and leaves Les and Teddy alone sitting in their chairs warming themselves in front of the fireplace. Teddy thinks about Tommy and the letter, something strange comes into his mind.

TEDDY: „Les, do you find that last sentence odd as well? “


Scene 2:
Tommy wakes up in a bed, his head hurts as hell and he wants to drink some water. He opens his eyes and sees a woman looking at him. She says:

WOMAN: “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. “

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