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My game – story part 1

I decided to start writing my own story. I made no decisions what it will be about. I just opened Word and started writing. So here is the first part of my story.


Scene 1

Characters : Teddy, Pete, Les
Three men are sitting in comfortable looking chairs. The only source of light comes out of a fireplace which is in front of them. The room looks unfurnished, only things in there are those three chairs, a fireplace and a small table which has an opened envelope on it. The first guy, who looks like he has eaten too much candy in his early days, touches his bald head and says nervously:

TEDDY: “You fucked up, you fucked up badly, Tommy’s never coming back. I should’ve…“

He was interrupted by a second guy, who is a lot thinner, a little bit older looking, but still in his thirties, who says:

PETE: “Teddy, you can’t be sure of that. Who wrote us this letter? We don’t know if this is true or not, right now we have to stay low. “

Teddy yelled back at him:

TEDDY: „We have to stay low? This is your fault, Pete, Tommy believed in you, you made him go. You and your stupid ideas which lead to nothing, Tommy is dead you know? DEAD! “

Pete answered calmly:

PETE: “How can you be so sure of that? Besides, I’m the reason why you guys are both alive, I made us rich, I gave you a reason to live.“

The third guy, who looks a little bit younger than Teddy, is a handsome looking and the most serious of them three. He said in a very clear voice:

LES: “Guys, the things you’re talking about make no difference, what I’m most concerned about is how the hell did they know where we were, how did they know where to send this letter, our last hideout was in a perfect spot, a lot better than this one.“

He knew that one of them gave their hideout location away, but who? Teddy answered quickly:

TEDDY: “Les, are you stupid or what? I’m sure they saw Pete smoking outside, he goes there like in every god damn five minutes. “

Pete smiled and said:

PETE: “Which reminds me, I have to go outside for a smoke, I’ll be right back.“

Pete walks out of the room and leaves Les and Teddy alone sitting in their chairs warming themselves in front of the fireplace. Teddy thinks about Tommy and the letter, something strange comes into his mind.

TEDDY: „Les, do you find that last sentence odd as well? “


Scene 2:
Tommy wakes up in a bed, his head hurts as hell and he wants to drink some water. He opens his eyes and sees a woman looking at him. She says:

WOMAN: “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. “

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