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Dead Space 2 – story trailer

Dead Space 2 is a sequel to Dead Space. It’s a horror third-person shooter game. According to, it is set to release on January 25, 2011. This trailer tries to explain the story:


My game – story part 1

I decided to start writing my own story. I made no decisions what it will be about. I just opened Word and started writing. So here is the first part of my story.


Scene 1

Characters : Teddy, Pete, Les
Three men are sitting in comfortable looking chairs. The only source of light comes out of a fireplace which is in front of them. The room looks unfurnished, only things in there are those three chairs, a fireplace and a small table which has an opened envelope on it. The first guy, who looks like he has eaten too much candy in his early days, touches his bald head and says nervously:

TEDDY: “You fucked up, you fucked up badly, Tommy’s never coming back. I should’ve…“

He was interrupted by a second guy, who is a lot thinner, a little bit older looking, but still in his thirties, who says:

PETE: “Teddy, you can’t be sure of that. Who wrote us this letter? We don’t know if this is true or not, right now we have to stay low. “

Teddy yelled back at him:

TEDDY: „We have to stay low? This is your fault, Pete, Tommy believed in you, you made him go. You and your stupid ideas which lead to nothing, Tommy is dead you know? DEAD! “

Pete answered calmly:

PETE: “How can you be so sure of that? Besides, I’m the reason why you guys are both alive, I made us rich, I gave you a reason to live.“

The third guy, who looks a little bit younger than Teddy, is a handsome looking and the most serious of them three. He said in a very clear voice:

LES: “Guys, the things you’re talking about make no difference, what I’m most concerned about is how the hell did they know where we were, how did they know where to send this letter, our last hideout was in a perfect spot, a lot better than this one.“

He knew that one of them gave their hideout location away, but who? Teddy answered quickly:

TEDDY: “Les, are you stupid or what? I’m sure they saw Pete smoking outside, he goes there like in every god damn five minutes. “

Pete smiled and said:

PETE: “Which reminds me, I have to go outside for a smoke, I’ll be right back.“

Pete walks out of the room and leaves Les and Teddy alone sitting in their chairs warming themselves in front of the fireplace. Teddy thinks about Tommy and the letter, something strange comes into his mind.

TEDDY: „Les, do you find that last sentence odd as well? “


Scene 2:
Tommy wakes up in a bed, his head hurts as hell and he wants to drink some water. He opens his eyes and sees a woman looking at him. She says:

WOMAN: “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. “

Mafia 2 – PC

The game with so much potential. The game I was really looking forward to. The game I thought would be the best game, just failed. They promised us great story, living city, amazing graphics and so on. The graphics were great, but not amazing, maybe if they had released it 3 years before, maybe then the graphics would have been amazing. The story was a disappointment, maybe it was because the story writer, Daniel Vavra, left the company and the guys who now had to polish the story, screwed it up, badly. It just had too many holes in it and you never felt like you were the main character, Vito. The good thing is that you really felt like you were in the old times. Okay, the city felt alive and all, but that just isn’t enough. All the gas station guys looked the same and that was just funny. In one mission you had to go through like 5-6 gas stations and even then they couldn’t make the gas station guys look different. But maybe in Empire Bay, the gas stations were really run by clones, I don’t know.People at 2k Czech had lots and lots of time to make Mafia 2 and I don’t understand why they didn’t use that time to make the game perfect as it should have been.

Want to blow it up? No can do

The soundtrack was really great and I enjoyed driving around the city listening to the radio. Many people say that driving around in Mafia 2 was the worst thing about the game, but I don’t find that annoying. I had my fun playing the game, but it just wasn’t IT. I really loved Mafia 1, the game was different, it had a story, it was interesting to play. Mafia 1 is way better than Mafia 2 and that’s true. I have no idea why they cut off the melee weapons from the game, it’s like having a radio in a car, but not listening to music.

You want to be him

I never had a feeling like I was a mafia guy, I felt like an ordinary guy who just makes money using the illegal way. The city was quite small and you had no things to do in there. When I first saw that huge baseball stadium, I instantly thought that some mission must occur inside that stadium, but no, it was just there to see, nothing else. The main character, Vito, was a just a killer with no emotions. Joe, his best buddy, was a lucky drunk. The funny thing is that I felt like Joe was more appropriate main character, because he had more character in him, he was an interesting guy not like boring Vito. I never felt like I was in control of the story or whether can affect the story somehow, it was just too linear. They first said that they have three different endings and I would have liked that, now they only had one ending which was quite disappointing for me to be honest. Too many loose ends. Although I feel like I’m cheated with Mafia 2, I really hope that they make Mafia 3 and they learn from their mistakes.



1940s and 50s



Same looking characters

So much potential

No melee weapons

Holes in the story

Score 8,2

Batman: Arkham City screenshots

Can’t… wait… anymore….

Here, take this door!

Here you go

I have one hand free, care to join?

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam – launch trailer

Creedence sure does make this expansion sound better.


Just Cause 2 – First impressions(Xbox360)

I got my hands on Just Cause 2 today. I haven’t played the first one and actually didn’t know much about the game. So I started a new game on casual level. I play as Rico Rodriguez, an agent. The opening cut scene was in a helicopter, the graphics looked good and the voice acting was quite okay, it doesn’t annoy you or anything, but I’ve heard better. The story sounded quite clear, gotta get to the island and find some guy. While I was explained what to do the rebels on that island started shooting the chopper and all the intel fell out of it so my first mission was to collect that intel. There’s no auto lock in that game as far I’ve searched the option menus, but that isn’t a big problem, you just need more ammo.

My thoughts on the main character

I realized that the game is a lot about blowing up things and that’s damn fun. So another game with a fun factor in it, but lacks of story . Maybe the story gets good later on, but this is my first impression of the game. It’s not an ordinary shoot and kill game because you have to study the surroundings to complete the mission. Driving is pretty decent and using grappling hook is pleasing. Hanging under a helicopter with your grappling hook while shooting enemies makes you feel like James Bond and Batman at the same time. How awesome is that. I’m looking forward to completing the game and writing a review about it.

Dirt 3 – in-game footage

Something for the drift fans. Although lots of smoke and 3 seconds of box physics can’t impress me that much. Here’s Dirt 3.

What do games need?

What is a game?

“Game – an amusement or pastime” says So basically a game can be everything. Checking under your bed might be a pastime, so game developers have no boundaries, or do they? Why are most of the top-selling games so similar? “Here’s a gun, take it, kill some enemies, don’t worry if you die, we save your damn game every 5 seconds” is a typical game scenario, the only thing that changes are the visuals. And people buy these games. Most of them aren’t fun at all, quite serious to be honest. It’s understandable, it’s hard to make a fun game. Actually “hard” in most of the games has lost its meaning. They just don’t do anything the hard way anymore. The games have many bugs in them so no hard work done, the games aren’t very hard to complete compared to the older ones, the story is usually really simple and predictable if it exists at all. It seems like they have hit a wall in their imaginations, they don’t have to be so similar. In fact nothing really new hasn’t been introduced in years.


Do games need a good story? In my opinion, if game is made and it’s not a fun family game, it really needs a good story. It needs to get you thinking what happens next, when you’re going to bed at night, you’re dreaming of the game, you have to feel like you are part of the game. I can’t name a fun game that’s fun to play alone, you always need friends or family beside you to enjoy the game fully. I haven’t seen a comedy game for a while, a game that makes you laugh – haven’t really heard of them at all any lately.

Hardcore gaming

Hardcore gamers?

When talking about hardcore gaming, then what really is it? Playing a game day and night, basically doing the same thing over and over? My imagination is – every time you play a game you have to think hard, you have to feel like you’re doing something, it has to feel new every time you play the game. If you say: ” Oh I’m so tired, I can’t play anymore”, it shouldn’t be because you haven’t slept for a while, it should be because your brain is tired of thinking, thinking how to develop, how to make progress.

These are my thoughts on what do games need.

L.A Noire – Motionscan

It does look like the most realistic game ever made. Does it play realistic? Is it too realistic?
The visuals look perfect. They should show us some gameplay. What that motionscan misses is that the actors that are scanned into the game are in that motionscan area alone. That affects dialogues and real reactions and answers in my opinion. So here it is – L.A Noire (release date Q1/Q2 2011). Enjoy.

Civilization V – PC

Time played – No idea…

Yes, you can do it now

I’ve spent countless hours playing Civ4 with expansions.  Civ5 really doesn’t get into me that much, maybe the hype was too big or I got used to Civ4, but the point is, I haven’t felt the time flying playing Civ5 as much as I felt it with Civ4. Wars don’t need massive amounts of troops anymore and that’s a good thing i guess. The cities don’t feel that much under your control as they used to be in my opinion. In Civ4 you put 3 pikeman to defend your city and you felt secure. Now you can only put one unit in the city and it feels defenseless. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe a bad, don’t really know, what I know is that it’s definitely different. What I like about resources is that you get a certain amount of resources from tile. For example when you have horses you only get 2 horses from that tile, so you can only build 2 mounted units not countless amounts of units like in the previous titles. Advisors are back again, but I don’t use them very much. The city states feel like they are only taking room. If you are allies with them, they give you gifts and all, but most of the time they’re useless and only want you to complete hard tasks like destroying another city-state. There is no religion anymore, but it has no bad or good affect on the game. Now archers and other units who can fire from long-range have the ability to so and it makes sense, I really don’t know why that wasn’t in Civ4 or Civ3. Hexagons instead of squares make only a little difference, but in a good way, you can move your units better. For me, most of the time while not in the war is just preparing for another war or expanding my civilization – that means countless of “end turn” clicks. When you play the game you don’t feel like a great leader of a great civilization. You just feel like you’re a country who time to time builds another city and then gets really bored and starts a war.  The fun of building things is minimal. You just don’t get that feeling like “Hell yeah, finally it’s finished, that building is awesome”, instead you just say “meh” and start building another building. There are no world wonder cut scenes anymore and that’s a shame, because they looked really awesome in Civ4. That feeling of achieving something has lost. I don’t know why, it certainly shouldn’t, but the game starts getting repetitive and I can’t imagine myself playing it like i played Civ4. The good thing is that you get many leaders to choose from and also expansions start coming out soon.

It does look beautiful


Beautiful world

Resource system

Room for development

Hexagon system

Long range units

Something just isn’t right

War, war, war, war

Repetitive building

Score 8,3

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