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Just Cause 2 – First impressions(Xbox360)

I got my hands on Just Cause 2 today. I haven’t played the first one and actually didn’t know much about the game. So I started a new game on casual level. I play as Rico Rodriguez, an agent. The opening cut scene was in a helicopter, the graphics looked good and the voice acting was quite okay, it doesn’t annoy you or anything, but I’ve heard better. The story sounded quite clear, gotta get to the island and find some guy. While I was explained what to do the rebels on that island started shooting the chopper and all the intel fell out of it so my first mission was to collect that intel. There’s no auto lock in that game as far I’ve searched the option menus, but that isn’t a big problem, you just need more ammo.

My thoughts on the main character

I realized that the game is a lot about blowing up things and that’s damn fun. So another game with a fun factor in it, but lacks of story . Maybe the story gets good later on, but this is my first impression of the game. It’s not an ordinary shoot and kill game because you have to study the surroundings to complete the mission. Driving is pretty decent and using grappling hook is pleasing. Hanging under a helicopter with your grappling hook while shooting enemies makes you feel like James Bond and Batman at the same time. How awesome is that. I’m looking forward to completing the game and writing a review about it.


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