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Civilization V – PC

Time played – No idea…

Yes, you can do it now

I’ve spent countless hours playing Civ4 with expansions.  Civ5 really doesn’t get into me that much, maybe the hype was too big or I got used to Civ4, but the point is, I haven’t felt the time flying playing Civ5 as much as I felt it with Civ4. Wars don’t need massive amounts of troops anymore and that’s a good thing i guess. The cities don’t feel that much under your control as they used to be in my opinion. In Civ4 you put 3 pikeman to defend your city and you felt secure. Now you can only put one unit in the city and it feels defenseless. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe a bad, don’t really know, what I know is that it’s definitely different. What I like about resources is that you get a certain amount of resources from tile. For example when you have horses you only get 2 horses from that tile, so you can only build 2 mounted units not countless amounts of units like in the previous titles. Advisors are back again, but I don’t use them very much. The city states feel like they are only taking room. If you are allies with them, they give you gifts and all, but most of the time they’re useless and only want you to complete hard tasks like destroying another city-state. There is no religion anymore, but it has no bad or good affect on the game. Now archers and other units who can fire from long-range have the ability to so and it makes sense, I really don’t know why that wasn’t in Civ4 or Civ3. Hexagons instead of squares make only a little difference, but in a good way, you can move your units better. For me, most of the time while not in the war is just preparing for another war or expanding my civilization – that means countless of “end turn” clicks. When you play the game you don’t feel like a great leader of a great civilization. You just feel like you’re a country who time to time builds another city and then gets really bored and starts a war.  The fun of building things is minimal. You just don’t get that feeling like “Hell yeah, finally it’s finished, that building is awesome”, instead you just say “meh” and start building another building. There are no world wonder cut scenes anymore and that’s a shame, because they looked really awesome in Civ4. That feeling of achieving something has lost. I don’t know why, it certainly shouldn’t, but the game starts getting repetitive and I can’t imagine myself playing it like i played Civ4. The good thing is that you get many leaders to choose from and also expansions start coming out soon.

It does look beautiful


Beautiful world

Resource system

Room for development

Hexagon system

Long range units

Something just isn’t right

War, war, war, war

Repetitive building

Score 8,3


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